In this page I am listing a couple of projects I have been making on my own or contributed to over the years.

Tiburon Video

OTT iOS app built in Swift 5, which follows SOLID principles, clean architecture and uses Dependencies Injection. App able to load from various data source movies content, list them, navigate and play trailer from Youtube source.


Sobet is a social platform for sport betting people. Users can exchange their pronostics on various sports (Football, Basketball, Handball…) and discuss various event quotations.

Les recettes de Mamie Mone

My grand mother was a very good cook. We had a big family and I remember the Sunday lunches with all this food she was cooking for us… the delicious cakes… When she passed away, we decided to create this little app combining her recipes taken from her cookbook as a memory of the nice moments we had with her..

Leanvocab, practice your vocab everyday

Leanvocab was built for iOS together with Laci for backend and Hipra for design. The application allows you to register new vocab you discover during your daily life. After you can practice it by repeating and figuring out the translations.


Read the best current stories from your favourite topic on the internet, in a fast and beautiful app always available in your pocket. The stories relate to the following categories: mechanic, fashion, life, science fiction, sports, tech, USA, video games.
This app is no longer on the AppStore as the source of the articles is no longer available.


Gantrproject is a project management application developed in Java. I started with it in 2003, and it got a huge success in Universities, and Ministry of France for example. It has been downloaded more than 5 millions times overs the last 15 years.
The current development is now followed by Dmitry Barashev, and the community is still very active.

Fun with Betting

Fun with betting is a place to bet for free with your friends and colleagues on the matches during the FIFA world cup 2014 or the UEFA Euro 2016. The service offered website, iOS, Android and Windows phone. During UEFA 2016 we had around 1000 players who connected every days and placed their best options on the football matches.
Thank you Szeki and Safi for the great help on the project.

  • The service is no longer available at this time.

Image processing 2D/3D

  • Live Animation Engine is able to load scenes and play actions on different objects. The rendering could compute video as the result of your animation.
  • Voxelix is able to load 3D images in memory and do some processing on them. Based on several algorithm I learned at university and used in real medical softwares.
  • Raytracing is a software able to compute 3d redering images using the ray-tracing algorithm.
  • Morphing is an image processing in 2d able to manipulate pictures with filters for example.
  • Frog3d (Free Rendering Objects Graphics) is a viewer for 3DS files.