Best Current Stories From The Internet

Read the best current stories from your favourite topic on the internet, in a fast and beautiful app always available in your pocket. The stories relate to the following categories: mechanic, fashion, life, science fiction, sports, tech, USA, video games.


Multi device

Support landscape / portrait on every iOS devices.


Swipe up / down / left / right to change article and topic.


Download optimisation and offline mode supported.

Read Everyday

In Stories, we show the main picture full screen with the headline on top over. It gives a very deep inside of the article right to the author.

In Stories, we don't show a standard and boring feed where the user has to scroll with lot of tiny (useless) information around. We show only what we consider important to the user, the topic, the headline, and the main picture cover.

Easy to use

If you fetch upfront the posts, you can also read offline while you are on the plane or with a low bandwith on your iPhone or iPad. Think about it!

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